Ground-UP Media Design

The Price Creek Event Center (PCEC) is a relatively new venue in Amana, IA that opened up in 2017. The owners, Yana and David Culter, also own the Ronneburg Restaurant, Clothes Encounter, and Yana’s Boutique. When I first met Yana, it was during one of my many coffee shop work sessions at Serena’s. She had come in to get lunch and was talking about her new venue that she had opened up. Upon doing some research into the venue and into Yana, I realized she would soon be in need of my services. I reached out to Yana and David and present them with knowledge concerning their facility and how best them get recognized.

It has now been over a year since I started helping Yana and David at PCEC, in that time frame I have seen the business begin booking double the projected number of weddings. Additionally, they now have an active social media presence, clients are noticing and recognizing their brand across all platforms.

My services for PCEC have been logo, print, and marketing designs, social media management, advertising, customer communications, and venue coordination. My skillset is vast and has been put to great use with my work at PCEC and can very well be put to work for you as well.

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